Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Enough of Heretics and Pagans

Apparently a Eucharist was held in LA and some people who are not baptised and are Hindu received communion. Of course Brad Drell and Stand Firm and the rest of the chicken littles are screaming that the end of the Episcopal church as we know it is again evidence.

I posted the following to the Bishops and Deputies listserv:

I am glad that there is such agreement about the fact that this celebration was inappropriate. This only makes the point that it is not as most who highlight it see it, the continued lawlessness and crumbling of the Episcopal Church. I suspect that these type of actions have always gone on. They typically have not been published all over the world instantaneously. I know in my diocese occasionally someone goes to far and it gets reported to the Bishop and he counsels the person to get with the program and that is the end of it.
What I am really tired of is the litany of pagans and heretics that gets recited each time one of these events is publicized. Historically most are dealt with properly and quietly they are not a sign that the majority of Episcopalians agree with the actions. Those who site them for anything more than that are doing it for their own purposes.
Enough of the Muslim in Washington State, the druids in Pennsylvania and the witches or wickens wherever!!


John-Julian writes to tell me that the celebration wasn't even an Episcopal Eucharist.

From what I have heard from friends who were near there, the liturgy itself was the liturgy of the Church of South India, but no one I know would approve of the wide-open offering of Communion to Hindus. - John-Julian, OJN

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