Friday, February 8, 2008

What has it cost us? Not to mention the lives lost!!!

When I was in college we used to talk about money in terms of the cost of a six pack. Ironically on Wednesday I celebrated twenty years since I quit drinking.

Anyway, the cost of the war in dollars is astounding and making it impossible for this country to do the things it could do. 500 billion dollars and what have we got to show for it.

Over 273 million dollars a day!!! 11 Million dollars an hour!!! $190,000 a minute!!! Over $3,000 a second. Staggering!!!

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Jr. said...

The Gavel the a blog about the speaker of the house says this is what we could have paid for but for the war in Iraq.

· Repair the 70,000+ bridges across the country rated structurally deficient:
$188 billion

· Rebuild the levees in New Orleans to withstand a Category 5 hurricane:
$50 billion

· Cover all eligible but unenrolled kids in SCHIP for 5 years:
$47.5 billion

· Equip U.S. public safety officials with interoperable communication equipment
$18 billion

· Enroll 1.4 million more children in Head Start programs:
$10 billion

· Double the annual budget for the National Cancer Institute:
$9.5 billion

· Hire one new librarian for each public school in America:
$4.6 billion

· Screen all air cargo on passenger plans for 10 years:
$3.6 billion

· Hire 51,000 more police officers to help make America’s streets safer:
$2.3 billion