Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My new toy

An Amazon Kindle was my birthday present and I love it. If you know me you know that I love electronic gadgets. I have had a smart phone for over 10 years. Also if you know me you know I love books. The look the feel and smell, I love books.

So the electronic book reader was a bit of a conflict for me. But I am really happy with it. The initial cost is a little high but new releases can be downloaded for under $10. It is environmentally sound too because it is paperless.

It is really easy to read. I hate reading on a computer monitor and never read ebooks on my many PDAs. But the screen is just the right size and uses a special technology that is really easy to read and can be read in bright light.

It stores hundreds of books and documents.

On mine I have the national and diocesan constitution and canons and and all of the services from the book of common prayer and a few other things I like to have handy.

I really like the Kindle and the fact that it makes Star Trek technology advancement predictions come true is also very cool.

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