Friday, August 29, 2008

Republicans and Minorites

John McCain has chosen Sarah Palin as his VP. She has been a governor for 18 months and has no other experience. Unless you count mayor of a town of 8,000. She has no foreign policy experience. Her only qualification seems to be that she is female. This appears to be little else than an attempt to get Hillary voters to have a reason to vote for McCain. It appears that Republicans see women as interchangeable. It couldn't be that Hillary stood for things that people agreed with. It couldn't be that they thought that Hillary had the experience and judgment to be president. It was obviously the fact that she doesn't have a Y chromosome. So any other woman will substitute it doesn't matter that on almost every issue she is the polar opposite of Hillary. As I wrote earlier this should be an additional reasons for Hillary supporters (me included) to get over it and back Obama.

Reading The Nine there is a long section about Clarence Thomas. It seems that his appointment is a very similar picture. A person with almost no qualifications for the job except in this case the right skin color to succeed Thurgood Marshall. The Nine reminded me of one of the most improbable statements made by Thomas during his confirmation hearing. he stated that he had not ever had a discussion about Roe v. Wade. If this is true (I very much doubt it) it is a glaring lack of intellectual activity. How you could exist as an attorney and not ever have a discussion about Roe defies logic.

No wonder conservatives hate affirmative action, these are their models for what it looks like.

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