Monday, September 22, 2008

Cubs survive my Jinx to win pennant

So I have decided to 'fess up to my weird superstition.  I do not wear team apparel for a team I want to win on the day they are playing.  I really think that the teams lose almost every time I do this.  I once told my brother about this and he has the same superstition.  

Anyway, a few weeks ago I wore my Cubs hat for a couple of days.  The cubs were running away with things and I thought it was safe.  What happened?  The immediately lost 8 of 9 games.  

Last Friday the Cubs magic number was 1 and they were almost certain to clinch and I wore my Cubs tie to work.  Of course they got smacked around by St. Louis and and didn't clinch after all.  So I have put my stuff away until the end of October.  By then the Cubs should be World Series Champs and I can wear it without any risk.

On Saturday I did not wear any Cubs gear (or MSU and they beat Notre Dame!!!) and the Cubs clinched the Pennant.  

Go Cubs.

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