Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Republicians are at it again

Once again the Republicans are using a national crisis to achieve long desired changes that are not popular at all and can only be shoved down our throats because no one dare question them during the crisis.

This very clearly happened with both the Patriot Act and the Iraq War.  In both cases the conservatives had long wanted certain changes and put them forth in the time of crisis and stomped on anyone who questioned them.  In the case of the Patriot Act, conservatives at the Justice Department had long wanted more ability to spy on people.  Of course after 9/11 these policies were presented as a new way to fight terrorism, in fact they had been rejected for a long time.  Anyone who raised civil liberty questions was siding with the terrorists or were from the hate America first crowd.  Similarly it is a well known fact that conservatives wanted to invade a middle east country, preferably Iraq, for a long time.  Again this was sold to us after 9/11 and if you didn't think it was the best idea ever you were on the side of terrorists or hated America.

Now we have the banking crisis.  I don't pretend to know enough about the crisis or the proposed bill to comment on either much.  But you can bet the the Republican plan has in it a bunch of "reforms" that they have wanted to impose for a long time and couldn't get support for because they are really bad ideas.  Of course the Democrats in Congress who are saying wait a minute how about limiting CEO compensation to say a billion dollars a year are accused of creating a financial crisis.

Beware of Republicans bearing old rejected policies as a new fix to the latest national crisis.

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