Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Are you a Socialist or Pro-American?

The death rattle of the McCain Palin campaign is coming in the form of attacking the patriotism of large parts of the country not just their opponents.  Palin is busy telling her supporters that those of us who do not support her are not Pro-American.  Obviously this is complete crap.  I believe in and love America and think we can do so much better than we are.  Especially for those of us who are struggling.  Which brings up her second point - Socialism.  

Bernie Sanders was on Bill Maher's show last week pointing out that democratic socialism is alive and well in many parts of the world and should not be compared to the socialism that is the first step to communism as suggested by Marx.  The idea that we as a society owe it to those less fortunate to help them along is not only extremely popular but also very christian.  Because it is popular it has be attacked with demagoguery.  The continued creation of an us versus them by republicans is old news and has worked in the past.  It looks like we have gotten to the point that attacks like this are not working.  I hope this means that more and more Americans are willing to look closely at the details of a proposal not just sound bites and labels to see if it is really something they support.  

The juxtaposition of unquestioned allegiance to this country and its policies and leaders and Christianity and the real America is offensive and should be shouted down.  We can not allow those who would march us closer and closer to fascism to claim that those who object are unpatriotic.  

All of this comes when the current regime has had to result to economic socialism to rescue the financial system after years and years of abuse.  This makes this one of the most hypocritical elements of this attack.

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