Friday, October 24, 2008

George Conger attacks the Episcopal Church. Again.

The Church of England Newspaper writer once again thinks he has found a way to criticize the Episcopal Church.  This time he complains about the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin moving to canonically remove 52 priests who left with the former bishop to be a part of the Province of the Southern Cone.  

Notably for once he is not complaining about the use of the abandonment canon to remove people who used to be episcopal priests from the roles of the diocese.  No instead he has a novel approach.  Since the Episcopal Church has not previously removed these priests they were technically still priests in the diocese and thus would have counted toward a quorum at the special convention that the remaining Episcopalians held earlier this year.

This is a bunch of you know what.  Everyone involved in the reorganization of the Diocese of  San Joaquin recognized that there were procedural irregularities and that they were doing the best they could given the circumstances.  For people who have violated canons at every turn and who created the necessity for the unimagined  circumstances to complain that they didn't precisely follow the canons is laughable at best.  


James said...

I love the logic of Conger -- "Joe quit working for the company several months ago, but you still have to count him as an employee for voting purposes." Simply brilliant logic.

Anonymous said...

If you follow, go by, adhere to the canons, yes, you do have to count them. If you don't, well, what the hell.

BaronVonServers said...

If he quit how can you claim to fire him?