Thursday, October 16, 2008

What they have said about Obama

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Thu Oct 16, 2008 at 05:55:44 AM PDT


They said

They said his name's too foreign and exotic. It isn't. 
They said he's too young. He isn't. 
They said he's a scary Muslim terrorist. He isn't. 
They said he was sworn in on the Koran. He wasn't. 
They said he's not a Christian. He is. 
They said he's too distant and aloof. He isn’t. 
They said his birth certificate's fake. It isn’t. 
They said he's nothing but a shallow celebrity. He isn't. 
They said his "present" votes in the Illinois Senate prove he was a waffler. They don't. 
They said he didn't sponsor any meaningful legislation in the U.S. Senate. He did. 
They said his wife's a liability to the campaign. She isn't. 
They said Reverend Wright would destroy his campaign. He didn’t. 
They said Tony Rezko would destroy his campaign. He didn't. 
They said PUMA would destroy his campaign. It didn't. 
They said not wearing a flag pin 24/7 would destroy his campaign. It didn’t. 
They said he couldn’t "close the deal" and win the Democratic nomination. He did. 
They said that if he won the nomination the Democratic convention would be a repeat of the violent 1968 convention. It wasn't. 
They said he'd never get angry Clinton voters to enthusiastically support him. He did. 
They said his overseas trip would prove he was inexperienced and un-presidential. It didn't. 
They said he'd never sink that 3-pointer. He did. 
They said he should write off "red" states like Indiana, West Virginia, North Dakota and North Carolina because they'd swung irretrievably for McCain. They hadn't. 
They said he couldn't win over rural white voters. He did. 
They said he was losing Latino and Jewish voters. He wasn't. 
They said he didn’t have specific plans for the economy, health care, Iraq and terrorism. He does. 
They said funding his campaign through mostly small-dollar donors was a mistake. It wasn't. 
They said his GOP opponent would run an honorable campaign. He didn't. 
They said he wasn't being truthful about his past. He was. 
They said the nomination of Sarah Palin would knock his campaign off its stride. It didn't. 
They said he wouldn't win the first debate because it was on foreign policy. He did. 
They said he wouldn't win the second debate because it was a town hall format. He did. 
They said he wouldn't win the third debate because McCain was going on the attack. He did. 
They said he conspired with ACORN to commit massive voter fraud. He didn't. 
They said his economic plan will raise taxes on the poor and middle class. It won't. 
They said he doesn't understand the concerns of average Americans. He does. 
They said all the negative campaign ads being thrown at him would work. They didn’t. 
They said he didn’t have the guts to fight back against the smears. He did. 
They said the election results would be tight as a tick.

To be continued...

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