Monday, November 3, 2008

Top Ten Ways Obama Could Still Lose The Election

10.  Reveals that he really is the second coming of Christ, smites the Antichrist (Cheney), and raptures the Christians up to heaven.

9.  Super secret memo is leaked revealing plans to enslave the white race.

8.  Live boy or dead woman found in bed.

7.  Invites his half-brother to a campaign rally.  Brother gets high and screams "kill whitey!"on stage.

6.  Photo surfaces of 8 year old Obama planting the bombs for William Ayers.

5.  Obama rips off his human suit and reveals that he is actually Kang from Rigel VII.

4.  Goes hunting with a top donor.  Shoots him in the face.

3.  Gets black-out drunk just before a campaign rally and says with slurred speech: "Now let me tell you what I really think...."

2.  Secret video is released showing Obama chairing a meeting of the Legion of Doom.

And the number 1 way Obama could lose this election.....

1.  You spent the weekend before the election sitting on your butt instead of volunteering and voting!

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