Monday, January 19, 2009

Elizabeth Kaeton's Top Ten reasons HBO didn't Carry Gene Robinson

So on Saturday the we are one even a the Lincoln memorial in preparation for the inauguration was held and show on HBO.  Gene Robinson gave the opening prayer.  The prayer was not shown on HBO and there may have been some technical difficulties with the microphone.  Elizabeth giver her top ten reason why this happened.
1. HBO sound system cannot broadcast gay voices.
2. Program ran over schedule, so HBO went back in their time machine and cut the beginning of the live broadcast.
3. Appearance of a gay men's chorus went way over HBO's 'gay quota' for the event.
4. HBO is a family-friendly network that does not carry offensive material like frontal nudity, profanity, or bishops.
5. Ellen DeGeneres was jealous.
6. Dumbledore was jealous.
7. HBO was warned that terrorists were watching for a signal that America was gay weak.
8. Rick Warren was jealous.
9. Everyone knows all gays are atheists.
10. Sarah Palin used her special anti-Russian spyware to block the signal.

Of course the trolls at Stand Firm think it is all very funny the their favorite whipping boy Gene Robinson should have technical difficulties.  The are sure God intervened to make sure his prayer was not heard.  But it was heard by many there is a You Tube video that makes this clear.

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Scott Gunn said...

Elizabeth is just quoting another blog. The top 10 reasons came from here. Still, they are very funny. No doubt, Elizabeth could have come up with something equally good.