Friday, January 9, 2009

The Episcopal Church Wins again!!!

Once again TEC has won a lawsuit against those who would try and take property that does not belong to them. This time in the case of The Diocese of Central New York v. The Rector, Church Wardens & Vestrymen of the Church of the Good Shepherd. The court held "title to all real and personal property of Good Shepard including the church building and Rectory rests with the Diocese and that the Diocese is entitled to immediate possession thereof."  Also the Court states that they will not look into the validity of the Dennis Canon.  Again this will drive the conservatives nuts.

Another slam dunk for The Episcopal Church. Eventually people will get the message that the property belongs to the church and they can't take it with them.  This case is especially sweet because it is the parish of Matt Kennedy the chief provocateur and Presiding Bishop slanderer at Stand Firm.  If you haven't seen his website it is one of the most negative places on the web.  It is filled with people who have left the Episcopal Church and spend a significant amount of time obsessing over every move made by Episcopalians.  We would all be a lot better off if they would just get on with their lives and leave us to getting on with ours.  Maybe now that they have to move out of property owned by The Episcopal Church they will get on with their lives.

Sorry about the badly reproduced text.  When I get better I will add it.


Tobias Haller said...

Thanks for scooping this. I've added a link to est anima at my blog. All the best... T.

Fred said...

Christ be praised!

This case seems particularly egregious, since the Priest leading this congregation showed up a few years ago and thinks that he can walk away with the property. And the poor Bishop ordained this guy. One can only hope that this errant priest realizes that God is trying to tell him something. Thank God the Diocese stood firm! Pray for the Diocese, that God may bless them.

Do you have a link to a copy of the ruling? Thanks.

Cany said...

From CA, a resounding yippeeeee! I have to wonder of matt's hair is on fire yet.

Anonymous said...

Win? An empty church and rectory with no hope of actually finding a congregation. Biblical Christians are leaving TEC at a growing rate. What will the Bishop do? Sell the property to fund more litigation. It's only bricks my friend Matt and Anna will pause but not stop. Our ACNA church grows weekly while the ACoC dwindles and posts a huge deficit. Look at TEC's ASA, shrinking annually. Follow your false teachers who guide TEC, in due course all your churches will be empty monuments to apostacy.