Monday, January 26, 2009

Episcopal Diocese of Northern Michigan Continues to do new things

The Episcopal Diocese of Northern Michigan makes up the upper peninsula of Michigan. A beautiful place without very many people. They have been a leader in finding new ways to do church. Once again they have selected their candidate for Bishop and have done it in a new way. They continue to think out of the box and most of the things they have tried have worked very well.

An article in Episcopal Life describes the search process and their candidate.
Michigan announced on January 23 the results of a year-long
discernment process: its slate for a new "Episcopal Ministry Support Team" and a single candidate for bishop.

The Rev. Kevin Thew Forrester has been named candidate for bishop/ministry

developer. He currently serves as ministry developer and rector at St. Paul's Church, Marquette and St. John's Church,

Negaunee, as well as ministry development coordinator for the diocese.

If elected at a special convention to be held

February 21 at St. Stephen's Church, Escanaba, Thew Forrester will succeed the late Bishop James Kelsey, who was

killed in an automobile accident on June 3, 2007.

While I celebrate with them. I also morn for Jim Kelsy their last Bishop who

died tragically in a car accident. I knew him and he was a great guy and an excellent Bishop. The Diocese has a website to remember Jim here it is worth a visit.

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