Thursday, January 29, 2009

It is official Carolyn Gammicchia will not be a Shelby Township Police Officer again

The people in this picture are Carolyn Gammicchia and her husband. In the picture you will see she used to be a police officer. "Used to be" being the important words. Carolyn was caught doing a lein check on me and my wife. The rules for police officers are very clear you can only use the lein system for police business.

Unfortunately for Carolyn she decided to check up on me and my wife without a proper police reason. She has stated different reasons at different times why she did this including stating at one point that she was doing the right thing.

Not sure what that means exactly but the Shelby Township Police Department didn't buy it and now we have learned an independent arbitrator didn't buy it.

She was fired and pleaded no contest to two misdemeanor courts of illegal use of the lein system (she could have been charged with two felony). Not being one to take no for an answer she appealed her termination with the Shelby Township Police. Today we learned that the independent arbitrator determined that she was properly terminated. Carolyn will likely not be a police officer ever again and that is a good thing.

I wrote a while ago about this story see.

Coverage of the story at the time can be found here and here.

The story started because Yvonne was the executive director for the Autism Society of Michigan and Carolyn was on the Board of Directors and Carolyn was not happy with some of the decisions Yvonne made. As a result she made Yvonne's life miserable. In the middle of this Carolyn tried to force Yvonne out as ED of ASM and also ran the lein checks apparently in an attempt to find something to use against Yvonne sadly for her she didn't find anything. A meeting of the board of directors was coming up in the next few days.

Yonne ended up leaving ASM and reached an out of court settlement.

After Carolyn was fired, Yvonne and I sent out some emails to people who Carolyn worked with telling about the story. Trying to be open about what we were doing and so Carolyn would know what was being said about her, we copied her on these emails. In an ridiculous attempt to play the victim, Carolyn filed a PPO against Yvonne. Notice she never claimed that the information was not true just that she was threatened by Yvonne contacting her. The judge did not order the PPO and we agreed to not have any contact with her (like we would want to) and to not send any more emails until the arbitration was decided. The arbitration is now finished and decided. So we are once again free to tell anyone who will listen about this story.

Carolyn spends a lot of time advocating for people with autism and some of the work she has done has been pretty impressive but when she is crossed in my opinion she is very dangerous she put my wife through hell and deserves everything she got. People who work with her should know this story and be aware of what she is capable of.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Fleener,

It's sad that you continue this. Additonally you'v violated the terms of your wife's settlement in spewing this lies.

You are a disgrace to the legal profession and it will be proven that your wife lied on her CV, destroyed property, and you returned damage property to ASM.

You are a sad individual Mr. Fleener and the truth will come out. Why weren't you available to testify and never called, because it's known that your wife lied.

Andrew Gammicchia in defense of a wife that lost a career over volunteerism for a non-profit organization that didn't do the right this....criminally charge you and your wife.

Jr. said...


It is really sad that you continue to believe your wife's lies. The arbitrator didn't and you should not either. If Carolyn had anything to charge us with she would have. She didn't charge us and doesn't have anything. Are you now accusing either my wife or me of a crime?

I am not a party to my wife's settlement and I can say anything I want. In addition your wife had the opportunity to be a party to the agreement and didn't want to.

The saddest thing here is that because of your wife's crazy vendetta both of our wives lost their jobs.

My wife did have a typo (one number wrong) on her resume. Hardly worth the effort that resulted. You did not address the real reason for the posting. Your wife did an illegal background check on my wife and me and for that she was criminally prosecuted and lost her job. At least when my wife lost her job she got a settlement.

Your wife's arbitration was not about us. It was about her doing something illegal. When both of you finally realize that you might be able to get on with your lives.

If you think we did something criminal put up or shut up.

Anonymous said...

Please keep this blog available. I live in Shelby Township and Carolyn Gammicchia is running for political office. I am a firm believer that she deserved to be fired and should be embarrassed about her behavior instead of trying to say anything to minimize it. She broke the law, she can not be trusted to maintain professionalism within the guidelines of the laws of Michigan and tries to blame anyone else for her own misdeeds.
A very sad person, she would only embarrass Shelby Township further if elected.

Anonymous said...

is this for real??

Robin Nemeth said...

I wonder if this is the same Carolyn Gammicchia who blocked me on twitter. I started posting on twitter a week ago (#CDCWhistleblower) and was kind of surprised when somebody I don't believe I've ever met blocked me from viewing their posts.

Robin Nemeth