Friday, February 6, 2009

Jack Iker "releases" 4 parishes

The Bishop of the renegade diocese of people in and around Fort Worth who are no longer Episcopalians has released 4 parishes to allow them to continue to be Episcopal Churches.  A press release points out what a kind thing this is and suggests that this is how disputes should be handled.  It of course is all nonsense.  This is exactly the same as a car thief stealing you car and then coming to you and saying I give you back your car.  We are expected to think kindly of the car thief because he gave back is ill gotten item.  No.  He is a thief and returning the property lessens the transgression some but it does not make it go away and we certainly aren't going to say he is being kind and generous.

But that is the upside down through the looking glass world that Jack Iker has created for himself.  

In addition, renegades point to this as how the Episcopal Church should deal with dissidents who take TEC property.  Don't buy it for a second.  Deep in his delusional heart Jack Iker knows he could never keep these properties.  He knows he was going to lose them in any court battle.  So he offers to give them up as a sign of how generous he is.  It is a sham. They weren't his to give back if he doesn't know that we have bigger problems that we thought.

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airedale said...

Jack is going to become more and more frustrated as things start to unravel for him. His power is fading, if not gone completely.