Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Numbers and the Episcopal Church

The always brilliant Mark Harris writes about the dissident episcopal group's reporting on their numbers.  He makes a good case for the group representing less then 10% of the Episcopal Church.  

Their report is here.

This a report of a group that is at it apex.  The have played their dissent from the Episcopal Church to the hilt.  They have not yet had to deal with any of the division among them.  The most obvious will be dealing with women priests.  Some of them or ok with women priests and some not so much.  It is hard to imagine that once they don't have to focus on the Episcopal Church that they won't have issues among themselves.  Remember these guys (yes mostly guys) are the purity police.  They do not easily suffer what they do not agree with.

Also,  for decades we have heard from the conservatives that the church was turning itself inside out for a very small minority.  The conservatives were of course talking about gay men and lesbians.   Well it turns out that in fact they are asking us to turn ourselves inside out for a very small minority.  

Again, as always GO and God speed but leave us alone if you don't want to be a part of us.

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