Wednesday, February 11, 2009


This is James Adkisson you may remember that he shot two people in a UU Church in Tennessee.  This by itself was scary enough but his suicide note was release lately you can download it here.  

As crazy as it is, it is worth reading.  The level of hate of this man for minorities and gays and liberals is astounding.  It has been documented that he was a big fan of the big mouth right Rush, Hannity, O'Reilly and the rest.  There talk breeds hate and can kill as it did here.

Sure he is mentally ill not doubt but the big mouth right knows that this is part of their audience and they play to them.  The all talk often of harming people they disagree with.

In the letter, Adkisson admits that the shooting was a hate crime.  What he doesn't say but is equally clear is that this was an act of terrorism.  

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Robin Edgar said...

*Their* talk breeds hate and can kill as it did here.

*They* are not alone however. . . While I am not aware of Unitarian*Universalists advocating physically harming or killing people, except in rare isolated cases, U*Us none-the-less engage in what may be properly described as "hate speech" of their own. I just provided one example of such U*U "hate speech" on The Emerson Avenger blog earlier today by showing how UU World magazine editor Chris Walton's description of Jim David Adkisson's "suicide note" cum "manifesto" applies all too well to Lexington KY U*U minister Rev. Cynthia P. Cain's intolerant diatribe against Republicans.