Saturday, May 23, 2009

Grand jury indicts former Episcopal pastor in Springs Don Armstrong

The dissidents have stated over and over that the complaints against Armstrong were a personality clash because of Armstrong's views. This makes it clear that a justice system which doesn't have a position in the goings on in the Episcopal Church has decided that there is enough there to charge him with a crime.

A theologically conservative pastor in Colorado Springs who led his congregation in a split from the Episcopal Church has been indicted by a grand jury on felony-theft charges.
Colorado Springs police recently wrapped up a two-year investigation into "financial mismanagement" of church funds by the Rev. Donald Armstrong, according to a department media release issued today.

The police investigation was turned over to the Pueblo district attorney's office to avoid possible conflicts of interest, and a Pueblo grand jury returned a 20-count indictment Wednesday against Armstrong, police announced.

Armstrong and his congregation split from the Episcopal Church based on theological differences, such as gay-marriage rights and the ordination of openly gay clergy and bishops. When the congregation left the diocese, Armstrong tried to hold on to the $17 million Grace Church and St. Stephen's Parish buildings in Colorado Springs.

In March, a judge ruled against Armstrong and in favor of the Episcopal Church, saying control of the buildings should be returned to the church by April 1.

Based on the grand-jury indictment, Armstrong turned himself in to authorities Thursday and is free on bond, police said.

Armstrong and his breakaway congregation are affiliated with the conservative Convocation of Anglicans in North America.

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