Monday, June 22, 2009

Conservatives Push For Rival U.S. Anglican Church

Martyn Minns ironically gets the question right but doesn't know it. In an NPR interview today the Bishop of the dissidents in Virginia says when he left the Episcopal Church he was making a choice between the church of the past and the church of the future.
"As I looked at them, I realized that I had a decision to make," he says. "Either I moved with them into a rather uncertain future, or I lost the heart of the congregation. So for me it was a matter of, 'Do I want the church of the future, or the church of the past?' "
That is the right question. I think he thinks he chose the church of the future, but the group he is affiliated with is all about being the church of the past. No women bishops. No gay bishops. Good solid male hierarchy just as God intended.

I would wish them good luck if they would just go and do their thing, but there thing is badmouthing and worse the episcopal Church. So I will continue to ridicule there moronic stuff as long as they continue to slam the Episcopal Church.

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