Thursday, August 20, 2009

Not really news anyone who works in this field has know this and it does not reduce the power of DNA to exonerate or convict

'Human DNA can be faked'

DNA can be faked, it was sensationally claimed today.
Blood and saliva taken from one person can be made to appear as taken from someone else instead, Israeli scientists revealed.

The incredible findings could have far-reaching consequences for criminal cases.

Lead author Dr Dan Frumkin said: "If you can fake blood, saliva or any other tissue, you can engineer a crime scene. You have full control of the situation."
They even claimed DNA could be faked by a first year undergraduate student.

Dr Frumkin said: "If you have some source material from the person whose DNA you want to fake, such as a hair, a glass they drunk from, or a cigarette butt, you could extract a minute piece of DNA using basic techniques you learn in your first year as an undergraduate in biology on equipment used in every biology lab.

"You can then produce billions of copies of it using very cheap kits that are commercially available.

"The process - known as whole genome amplification - is very, very easy if you have source DNA."

The DNA could then be applied to the surface of objects or could potentially be incorporated into human tissues and planted in crime scenes.

The team revealed their claims in the journal Forensic Science International: Genetics.

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