Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chaunte Ott's case shows one of the big problems of wrongful conviction

Chaunte Ott was arrested in 1995 for a murder he didn't commit. He served 13 years in prison which itself is a tragedy.

But the real tragedy is that the real killer was Walter E. Ellis. And he didn't stop or start it appears with the 1995 victim that was pinned on Mr. Ott. In fact he killed as many as 9 women that we know of.

Of course the authorities in Milwaukee stopped looking for a killer in the 1995 case because they has someone in prison for the murder. It is alleged that the coerced lies to get Mr. Ott convicted.

Would Ellis have been found if the authorities had not convinced people to lie about Mr. Ott and he wasn't convicted. Maybe. Would some women be alive today if they had caught Ellis earlier? Probably.

Eventually prosecutors have to get the message that is not ok to clear cases anyway possible just because you think you have the right guy. Not only are you possibly putting an innocence person in prison, but you are letting the really perpetrator stay on the streets to repeat their crimes.

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