Friday, October 2, 2009

I got a CCAB appointment

I have accepted an appointment to Program Budget and Finance. I had asked to be appointed to Constitution and Canons but after a conversation with Bonnie Anderson, the President of the House of Deputies, I was convinced that my talents may be needed elsewhere.

Bonnie expressed to me some of here priorities for the next three years and some of her hopes for PB&F in the future. I was honored to be appointed and trust that I am being put where my time and talents can best be used.

There has been lots of discussion on the HOB/D list about people not being happy with the appointment process. It seems to me it is an incredibly hard process and I wouldn't want to do it. Bonnie has so many competing priorities to balance with the appointments. I think she does a pretty amazing job at what she does so it should work itself out.

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