Saturday, November 15, 2008

Diocese Number 4 "Leaves" the Episcopal Church

Fort Worth is about to be the 4th diocese to "leave" the Episcopal Church. Again there is no process for dioceses to leave and it is really not possible. The 4 dioceses are only dioceses because of their status within the Episcopal Church. The can not leave the church and retain their status as a diocese. If the members of the Diocese leave they because a loosely affiliated group of former Episcopalians who want to associate. They can certainly do this but they need to do it in buildings that do not belong to the Episcopal Church.

The election in Fort Worth this weekend like the elections in Quincy, Pittsburgh, and San Joaquin is based largely on misinformation provided and perpetuated by the Bishop in each place. Much like what happened in the latest presidential election the misinformation is spread by a few very malicious people to a lot of gullible people who do not have the time or the energy to find out the truth. Remember that Obama was a terrorist Muslim black panther abortionist who taught the details of sexual intercourse to young children. The things that are said about the Episcopal Church and the Presiding Bishop are worse and less true then the things said about the president elect. This stuff works because of years and years of slander against the leadership of the episcopal church that has worn down the Episcopalians in these places and firmly planted in their minds that the leadership is evil. The truth has long since been left behind.

On Monday I will post some documents that show how truly evil the proponents of leaving the Episcopal Church are in Forth Worth are. I have been asked not to post them until after the convention. It will show how premeditated this is and how clearly this is all about power and control and not about anything else.

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