Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kuipers does it again

Wayne Kuipers (R) (of course) from Grandville has proposed a bill related to DNA testing in Michigan. The new law would make it a felony to file a petition claiming innocence and asking for DNA testing. This is the biggest waste of time and especially mean spirited. The new law would add 10 years to the sentence of anyone who gets DNA testing and matches the crime scene evidence thus proving his guilt. People who file DNA petitions often don't understand the testing involved even though we at the Innocence Project spend a lot of time explaining it to them. The are literally taking a last shot at getting out of prison. They know the risks involved (they will not longer be able to claim innocence if they match) and want to take the risk. There are inmates who may be Innocent but are serving less than 10 years who will not risk testing because it could extent their time in prison. Once again Kuipers is supposed to be considering a run for governor. If this is the type of governor he would be we can do much better.

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