Wednesday, November 19, 2008

For sure last one (Iker)

I should have known he would say something nonsensical on woman's ordination.  The new province starts with impaired communion.  That should work well don't you think.  The history of this group being able to live in tension show this won't be any problem at all.  NOT.  After all this group is all about respecting differing theological positions.

Greg Griffith: Some of the speculation a few years ago, when it became necessary for you and Bishop Duncan to stand arm-in-arm more strongly than you had to do previously, even some observers on the orthodox side of the aisle were saying it wouldn't be long before you two ran into problems over your differing views on women's ordination. But if anything - at least from what I've seen - the two of you have grown closer and more supportive of each other over the past few years. Is that fair to say?

Bishop Iker: I think it is. I guess our primary difference is that Bishop Duncan may see this as kind of a second-order issue, but I see it as a first-order issue. And we recognize that and are able to work together despite our difference. 

Greg Griffith: First order, yes, but not to the point where you feel it necessary to break communion with him?

Bishop Iker: Correct. I'm in communion with him, and I'm in a state of impaired communion with women he ordains to the priesthood. Obviously they're welcome in our churches, but not as celebrants of the eucharist.

And there is still a different theological position which ought to be respected on both sides of that issue. 

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