Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hopefully last one (Iker)

He suggests that there some separation of morality and theology.  For a long time we have been told that same sex sex is  immoral because it says so in the Bible.  In this question, in order to make a distinction between the Episcopal Church's actions and the actions by the Province of Sydney he states that their actions are theological not moral.  What does that mean?

Greg Griffith: If Sydney does not pull back from lay presidency, and if it's true that Sydney is tearing the fabric of the communion in a way that's comparable to what TEC has done, and if the GAFCON primates continue to agree to have Sydney as one of its members, doesn't that undercut GAFCON's objections to the actions by TEC and Canada regarding homosexuality?

Bishop Iker: I suppose the difference between the two is that one is a moral issue, and the other is not - it's more of a sacramental/theological issue. But the effect is the same - to break communion and cause division.

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