Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fort Worth Which Corporation

Several people have emailed me to clarify that the corporation whose articles of incorporation I have been writing about is not the Diocese of Fort Worth itself.  The corporation was set up to hold the property of the Diocese.  While this is true, I am not sure this makes any difference in the analysis.  The original corporation held property for the diocese, the amendments claim it does not.  The original corporation was governed by a board without the bishop the after the amendments the Bishop is included.  The original corporation was governed by the constitution and canons of the Diocese of Fort Worth after the amendments it is not.


Anonymous said...

The first Bishop of Fort Worth, A. Donald Davies, was in fact a member of the corporation's board from the very beginning and I think one of the original incorporators.

Jr. said...

Actually you are wrong who ever you are. I have the document. The first bishop was an incorporator but not a member of the first board. Mr. Engleman, Mr.Munson, Mr. Casebier, Mr. Randolph, and Mr Virden are the members of the original board.