Monday, November 17, 2008

Fort Worth moves from Devious to Hypocrisy

So it turns out that in the 1990’s a parish wanted to leave the Diocese of Fort Worth.  They went to something called the Antiochean Orthodox Church so you can bet it was not because they thought Fort Worth was too conservative.


Anyway, the diocese (wait for it) asserted the parish property was held in trust for the diocese and the national church.  And there are even affidavits from William Wantland and Jack Iker.  You can see the excerpts below. 


These are all contained in a great work done by the people who want to continue to be Episcopalians in north Texas.  Their handbook for vestries is well done and counters many of the lies spread around the diocese.  You can download the document at 



Lucky Archer - Lakis Velotris said...

Right after Pearl Harbor, Japanese Americans gave helped downed flyers. Kaiser Americans detonated Jersey City munitions so the explosion was felt in further States. What you are allowing the Orthodox Church to become may well end up deporting your children from America. Imagine your middle aged daughters dumped in a land where they would be circumcized with broken glass. Then she will rue your taking her to listen to that monkey monk. This is why you need to stand up against those who would have them cover their head in church today. This is why you must stand up against the old witches who put terrorist literature in your pews. This is why you must make your priests shave, bathe and wear pants. What happened in Smyrna has been fictionalized to conceal that the Greeks were the real war criminals, but rest assured, your children will suffer much worse if you do not rise up against the IslamoSoviets in your parishes. Your family came to America to put the evil ways of the Old World behind them, so why are you trying to thanklessly recreate that which they fled? Do you realize what these cultists are making your throw away?

Jr. said...

I give up!! I don't know what he is talking about either.

Padre Mickey said...

I think the Lucky Archer is a bit confused on what kind of "orthodox" +Iker claims to be.

Great article and I've linked to it at my blog. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Eh, I think you've been spammed