Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Presiding Bishop inhibits Fort Worth bishop

This is old news but the story is still important because it explains the process for those who don't know.  Many think that the Presiding Bishop acted on her own and she can't.  She needed permission of the Title IV review committee to determine that Iker had abandoned the Episcopal Church.  She also needed the permission of the three senior bishops to order the inhibition.  

To issue the inhibition, Jefferts Schori needed, in accordance with Title IV, Canon 9, Sec. 1, the consent of the three senior bishops of the church with jurisdiction (as opposed to being retired or not in diocesan seats). She noted in the inhibition that Leo Frade of Southeast FloridaPeter Lee of Virginia, and Don Wimberly of Texas gave their consents November 20.

These three could not be described as the most left leaning Bishops in the Episcopal Church.  This is exactly the purpose of the abandonment canon and it was used properly.  

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