Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What is left of Fort Worth

The Episcopal Life Online article about the inhibition of Jack Iker states that the continuing Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth already has some 8,000 members.  Not bad.  A quick look at the 2007 statistics show about 36 dioceses have fewer than 10,000 members.  In other words what is left of Fort Worth is already solidly on the roughly 1/3 of dioceses who have less than 10,000 members.  And things are hardly sorted in Fort Worth.  There is every reason to believe that these numbers will only grow as people realize what is happening there and around the Episcopal Church.

Katie Sherrod who I would describe as a prisoner of conscience or a political prisoner in Fort Worth for many years has written about the meeting of the continuing group in Fort Worth. 

My thoughts and prayers are with them and yours should be too.

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