Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Still more Iker

Man the chutzpah from this guy. 

He reassures us that he won't come after the parishes who want to remain in the Episcopal Church.  Let me get this right.  You leave and steal the property and those who stay might have to pay you the value of the property you didn't steal.  WOW!!

Greg Griffith: Do you expect any attempts by the Episcopal Church's national leadership to take property from your diocese?

Bishop Iker: The plan is to do the same thing they've done in San Joaquin - that is, to form a new diocese and then bring a lawsuit against the true diocese that separated - a lawsuit for all the assets, including property. Obviously the difference (between their approach and ours) is that the "Remain Episcopal" people have a winner-take-all attitude, that they believe everything belongs to the Episcopal Church and those who leave the Episcopal Church should be deprived of their buildings, property and assets. Our position is that those who don't want to continue to be a part of the diocese after our separation from TEC, under certain conditions, should be given their buildings, property and assets, and be cut free from the diocese.

Greg Griffith: If I'm correct, you're not looking for them to "purchase" their property again. You're not looking for any monetary settlement - except in a few cases that may be unusual for whatever reason - but to essentially turn them loose, and let them go.

Bishop Iker: Right. It would be foolhardy to go back and try to figure out who owns what, down to the last detail... some of these parishes go back to the 1890's. What would be gained by trying to exact some purchase price from them? We'd want to cut them free. If they have any indebtedness to the diocese, we'd expect them to pay that, obviously.

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