Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Archbishop Akinola and Ann Coulter both attack single moms

Odd bedfellows to be sure Coulter and Akinola,

Mark Harris points out a section of Archbishop Akinola's Christmas letter that contains this

"In our time, we have seen a frightening development as homes break down and children have to be raised by either of the parents. It is becoming fashionable as people take pride in being single parents. If by death a partner is snatched away, this is understandable. We pray for people of such experience that they will be comforted. But there are some men in our society who are utterly irresponsible with carefree attitude and who will not pay attention to their children; likewise are the so called societal ladies, the feminists: the “what can any husband do to me”, the ‘I can survive on my own’ – these too have little or nothing to offer our younger generation in morals or values."

Ann Coulter on the Today show and in her new book which I have not read says things like

Coulter was promoting her newest book, "Guilty: Liberal "Victims" and Their Assault on America," when, during an interview with Matt Lauer, she blamed the majority of society's ills on single mothers. She claims that the "liberal media" exalts the single mom, despite the fact that -- her words, not mine -- most teenage mothers, runaways, murderers and rapists can be traced back to them.

Hard to know why this is the international talking point lately.  Remember Dan Quayle attacking Murphy Brown, a tv character, for having a child.  

There are many single moms who are in over their head and those kids are overrepresented in crime and dropout statistics.  but very few of them planned to be single moms.  Almost none of them got pregnant for the purpose of raising a kid alone.  Most ended up raising the kid alone because the father took off.  That part of the Archbishop's statement I can agree with.  But attacking single moms who already have the hardest job around seems pretty petty.  Not to mention that if we had some decent social programs in this country these moms might get some of the help they need to manage their kids.  

The School to Prison pipeline had been well publicises and it is clear the system is largely stacked against kids who in poverty especially black young men.  Again not the fault of single moms.


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