Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Diocese of Central New York offers to rent Church and Rectory to Parish that lost lawsuit

Matt Kennedy reports on his website Stand Firm that the Diocese of Central New York has offered to rent the Church until 2/22 and Rectory until 4/20 to the dissidents who left the Episcopal Church and tried to keep the property.  

The letter from the Chancellor of the Diocese is here.  The offer seems tough but fair.  Of course the trolls at stand firm want Matt to run up utility bills and do damage to the property.  I wish he and his family Godspeed in their journeys.


Bob Livingston said...

It would be helpful, Mr. Fleener, if you would cease being an agent provocateur and start being a Christian.

As one who doesn't have a horse in this race, I thank you for your belated honesty.

Bob Livingston

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I have been asked to look again at the comments at stand firm on the
thread about the offer from the Diocese of Central New York. I posted
my note after 2 or 3 comments and one of the first few was fairly
negative. In looking again there are many many more comments and the
vast majority are supportive of Matt and his family and not negative.
Good for them.

Bill Fleener

Jr. said...

Both of my posts were honest.

As to spreading informtion, one of the problems is that people in dioceses such as Pitt and Forth Worth get very little information and have been led to believe that they can leave and keep the property. They can't and courts across the country had said so over and over. If some people get that from posts here and elsewhere then it is we'll worth it.

Lastly, you don't get to determine if I am a christian and the fact that you would pronounce this judgment says more about you than it does about me.