Monday, January 12, 2009

New Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court

This is a little inside baseball but the Michigan Supreme Court was ranked the worst in the country largely because of the so-called gang of four.  Cliff Taylor the past Chief was responsible for many of the bad decisions that came out of the court.  He was defeated in reelection in November.  The first time in state history that a Chief Justice was not reelected.  Diane Hathaway defeated him and joined the court this week.  

Now Marilyn Kelly, on of three Democrats on the court has been elected the new Chief Justice.  This post is largely administrative but there were several 
examples of Taylor's abuse of this position to make power plays.  This should point to the end of the rule of the gang of four on the court even though there are still 4 Republicans on the court the fact that Republican Elizabeth Weaver voted for Kelly is a good sign.

There are lots of stories about the damage done to the Michigan judicial system and law during the run of the gang of four.
Gang of Four that rewrote vast tracts of Michigan jurisprudence -- largely to the detriment of consumers, criminal defendants and environmental advocates. 
All of this is more of the legacy of the Engler Administration.  Governor John Engler appointed many of the gang of four and this is one of many things that he did to truly mess up the state.  If the gang of four's hold on the court is lessened that is a very good thing for the citizens of the State of Michigan.

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