Monday, January 12, 2009

What the?

The previous bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth has written to the Presiding Bishop asking her not to come to Fort Worth. Click on letter to get a size that is more readable.  She will be going there soon to have a diocese convention for the purpose of reforming the Episcopal Church

It is really hard to know where to start with this one.  First he cites the Canons of the Episcopal Church saying the PB needs his permission to visit.  Again he states as he has in the past that parishes in Fort Worth need to go through some process to remain in the Episcopal Church.  Unbelievable.

I hope and pray that she ignores his letter.


Paul Powers said...

The letter is probably intended as an objection "on the record" to avoid any suggestion that Bishop Iker is tacitly admitting that Fort Worth is "sedia vacante," and that there is any basis for the Presiding Bishop to come to Fort Worth to preside over a special convention. He must know that it's not going to keep her from coming.

If I were his lawyer (which I'm not), that's what I would have advised him to do.

Anonymous said...

Deceit and Arrogance, thy servant is Iker.
How long, oh Lord, how long, must we be subject to his insanity???

A loyal-to-TEC Fort Worthian

Anonymous said...

The PBess should be holding her event in the Alamo, more fitting since she is delegated to making a last stand in the face of the implosion of TEC. While the disidents grow daily, she presides over a church shunned by the rest of the ANglican world (save Fred XIII of the ACoC, suffering his own decline). Praise God for +Iker, +Duncan & ++Venables for their courage. Shame on +Kate for her leadership away from Christ

Anonymous said...

This nutcase has already rejected the Canons and now he uses them to his own purposes. Iker has taken megalomania to new heights.