Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Iker once again "releases" what isn't his

Jack Iker is at it again.  By proclamation he released 23 clergy who are and always have been clergy in the Episcopal Church not part of the break away group that thinks they are a part of the Southern Cone.

These men and women (yes there are women deacons not priests) never wanted to be a part of the Southern Cone.  

In the same vain I have decided to release the members of the 2009 Chicago Cubs, the members of the United States Supreme Court, the cast of The Office and the musician Sting.  They are all free to go back to their original vocation because I have decided to release them.  Don't I deserve credit for handling this in a charitable way, unlike the evil Episcopal Church who bring presentments and sue people.  The reason Iker can do this is because they were not part of his band of dissidents.  His action has no legal, theological, or practical relevance.  

This is how idiotic this is.  

FEBRUARY 5, 2009
The following clergy have signified a desire to no longer be canonically resident in this diocese, as they no longer accede to the diocesan Constitution and Canons. I certify that they have been clergy in good standing in this diocese and are eligible for transfer to another jurisdiction. It is my Godly Judgment that they are to be removed from the role of clergy of this diocese effective immediately.

Parish Priests
The Rev. J. Frederick Barber
The Rev. Christopher N. Jambor
The Rev. Sam McClain
The Rev. James R. Reynolds
The Rev. William T. Stanford
The Rev. William J. Taylor, III
The Rev. Courtland M. Moore

Non-Parochial Priests
The Rev. Melvin A. Bridge
The Rev. James A. Hazel
The Rev. David A. Madison
Retired Priests

The Rev. William R. Belury
The Rev. Bruce W. Coggin
The Rev. Vernon A. Gotcher'
The Rev. Bertrand N. Honea, Jr.
The Rev. Walter. W. Kesler
The Rev. Walter. W. Kesler
The Rev. Alex D. Moffat
The Rev. John D. Payne
The Rev. Gayland M. Pool
The Rev. John H. Stanley, Jr
The Rev. Frank B. Reeves

The Rev. Janet G. Nocher
The Rev. Sharla J. Marks
The Rev. Susan Slaughter
The Rev. Vernon A. Gotcher'

Bishop of Fort Worth
this 5th day of February in the year of Our Lord, 2009.
The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth
2900 Alemeda Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76108-5950

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airedale said...

We here in Ft Worth are no longer surprised by anything Jack does, nor do we really care.