Monday, February 9, 2009

The new Kindle is out

Amazon today introduced the next generation of Kindle the electronic reader.  I have had the last one for about a year and I love it.  But the new one is even cooler.  It has more storage, is thinner and the controls seem to be in better places and it can read to you.  I am always bummed when my cool new technology is replaced by a new updated model.  


Fr Craig said...

with no 'snarkey' intent whatsoever, I have to ask, 'Why?' most paperbacks are smaller... Maybe at 57 I am just to old for this stuff!

Jr. said...

Because you can? No really the possibility to carry a large number of books in one place reference books and others is helpful. I have the prayer book and a bible on mine. I also have the canons of the Episcopal Church and our diocesan canons. Thanks for the comment even if a bit snarkey. :)

airedale said...

I so want one!