Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What to do about women

The proposed constitution contains this section:

The Province shall make no canon abridging the authority of any member dioceses, clusters or networks (whether regional or affinity-based) and those dioceses banded together as jurisdictions with respect to its practice regarding the ordination of women to the diaconate or presbyterate.
Interesting.  The church of the search for purity will not (at least for now) have a rule against ordaining women.  But a large number of the groups that are joining are opposed to ordination of woman.  So how will this work.  Will women be allowed to celebrate the Eucharist at the gathering?  If so there will be a problem.  Many in this group have refused to receive communion from a women and have absented themselves from services conducted by woman priests.  Can these groups elect women as clergy delegates to the synod?  That probably won't go over very well either.

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